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No Greater Love Empowerment Ministries


     God's Women Ministry and Perfected Diamonds Women's Ministry has come together to do a greater work.  The sole purpose of this ministry is to educate women to seek and develop their God-given gifts and abilities to build communities, support social justice and social welfare as did Christ, that God will be glorified.

     This is accomplished through seminars, classes and mini-courses that will help catapult women into their purpose and destiny. Topics may include but are not limited to Embracing the Call, Understanding Authority, Foundations of Faith, Starting a Women's Ministry, Breaking through Barriers and Multi-Tasking and Managing while Pursing Ministry.

     Instructors and mentors are women of various professions and who are respected in their area of expertise. "Catapulting women into liberty, purpose and power in Jesus Christ." 



Anointed Pen

Christian Writers' Mentorship Program

     Anointed Pen is a mentorship program for writers who have a mandate to write Christian works. This program is interactive and includes seminars and workshops to help the Christian writer better understand his call. Some of the topics that are discussed are what Christian writing entails, scribal anointing, styles of Christian writing, writer's block, obtaining the necessary book numbers and publishing.


KWM Management

     KWM Management is the marketplace ministry arm of KingdomWorks. We have been supportive to church, community and business leaders by managing various projects and events on their behalf for over 15 years. Our services include but is not limited to consulting recording artists to coordinating events to building websites. We also assist with writing projects from start to finish








Discover the Way, Know the Truth, Live the Life (see John 14:6 for details)



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